At Brighten Dental we offer a range of partial and full dentures.

We offer a wide range to suit our clients needs and their budgets including…

Metal dentures have superior strength and can be made smaller and thinner than plastic ones.

They are generally more hygienic and more tolerable as they do not need to cover as much of the mouth.

Plastic dentures are cheaper and easier to make.

They are often the ideal choice as an immediate denture, i.e. an immediate replacement for teeth that need to be extracted.

Flexi-dentures are a relatively new development in denture materials.

The teeth are attached to a slightly flexible gum coloured base which extends to make the clasps.

They provide a metal free alternative to the partial denture equation.

Stability and retention come from the very close fit of the denture, and the flexible gum coloured clasps that extend from the denture to tightly grip the natural teeth.



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