Teeth Whitening

At Brighten Dental there are two types of teeth whitening methods we recommend.

Teeth whitening Teeth whitening 1Teeth whitening 2 Teeth whitening 1Teeth whitening 3 

1/ Home teeth whitening kit

This method involves using whitening gels with a custom-fitted tray.

The tray is filled with the peroxide gel, placed over the upper and lower teeth, and worn for a specific amount of time.

This type of professional kit is far superior to a supermarket kit for multiple reasons.

The tray is custom-fitted to your mouth, so there is no leakage/spillage of bleaching material into your mouth, gums & throat.

As such, a highly effective, premium-strength whitening agent may be used safely, to give you quicker, superior results.

Once you have your custom-fitted kit, you can use your whitening product continually until you reach your desired shade, then keep your custom-fitted trays for maintenance whitening, as teeth naturally darken over time.

2/ Laser teeth whitening / In chair teeth whitening

Are you looking for the X-factor? Brighter, whiter teeth can help to enhance almost anyone’s appearance.

Smartbleach is the world’s most effective LASER Teeth Whitening system.

At Brighten Dental we believe the Laser System to be far superior option to the traditional teeth whitening systems (such as Zoom) that may be used by other dentists.

Teeth discoloration can be caused by smoking, dietary habits, the effects of childhood antibiotics or, most commonly, time….as we get older our teeth get yellower.

A single Smartbleach treatment will transform your teeth, helping you create the perfect smile.

In-Chair is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results.

You can achieve your desired shade in a single visit.

This option is popular for immediately upcoming events (weddings, formals etc) as you get results straight away!

Why Is Smartbleach Laser Teeth Whitening Unique?

Smartbleach® works by using a laser to produce pure green light and combines this with a patented Smartbleach® patented red gel containing a special, non-acidic, preparation of hydrogen peroxide to create an enhanced whitening effect.

Red and green are complementary colours and the consequent Smartbleach® interaction is able to reach large, light absorbing molecules deep in the teeth, changing them into smaller molecules which reflect light.

The result is whiter, brighter teeth. Smartbleach® is also able to stabilise the smaller molecules, stopping them reforming into large ones.

This whole treatment lasts approximately one hour.

An exciting aspect of Smartbleach® is that the results are visible immediately, so the patient can judge for themselves, after each application, if they need to continue or if they have reached the desired result.


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